Recent Publications and Research

GDC 2016 :

At the Game Developer Conference 2016 I presented "Mind Your Step: Avoiding 3 Common Pitfalls in AI Development"
as part of the AI Summit.
The talk was aimed at beginner to intermediate level AI programmers, discussing a set of best practices.
The PowerPoint presentation as well as further information can be found at:


Game AI Pro 2 :

I published an article in the 2015 AI experts book "Game AI Pro 2". In "Procedural Traversal Meshes in Fuse"
I explained how I implemented AI traversal on climbing walls and obstacles in Fuse
similar to A* path search on traditional navigation meshes.
The book is available at Amazon:


Tap Bunny :

Tap Bunny is an Android-based phone and tablet game that I developed in my free time.
It is an endless runner where the Easter Bunny is in love.
But the Girl Easter Bunny is hard at work delivering eggs and so you have to follow her trail and avoid traps.
The game can be downloaded from the Google Store :